The first difference you’ll notice between a Thai Massage and typical Western Massage is that western massages take place on a massage table, Thai massages take place on a floor mat. This allows the client a more complete range of motion as you won’t just be lying on your back or stomach when you receive a Thai massage nor will your masseuse, who receives an even greater advantage by being on the floor rather than hunched over a table. During a Thai massage, the masseuse moves all around and above the client to access a wider range of angles over each part of the body, even in cases when the client is much larger than the masseuse.

Rather than just using hands, fists, forearms and elbows the standard tools of western massage Thai masseuse may use legs and feet during the massage. Oftentimes, they will use a combination of both to gain leverage as they initiate deep stretches of the client’s arms, legs, hips, and shoulders.